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December 31, 2016: Making Beer!
Siphoning, CO2, Fermenting.

September 29, 2016: Beer Sessions Radio (TM)
Episode 361 aired on Tuesday, November 29th, 2016. Special guests include Dieter and Stuart from Indian Ladder Farms; Dr. Paul Matthews of Hopsteiner with assistants; and Scott Veltman from CH Evans Brewery & the Albany Pump Station.  Amalia Hops is mentioned in the last couple of minutes of the broadcast!

October 6, 2016: Introducing MEZCLA

Three very special blends of Neomexicanus Hops are now available in very limited quantities.

2016 Chemical Analysis
(conducted by KAR Laboratories).

Buy MEZCLA now!

Mezcla Label.cdr


ANNOUNCING our first offering of whole hops – MEZCLA available for purchase October 2016

Mezcla is a blend of Neomexicanus hops harvested from the more than 400 vines located at our ranch. First come first serve. Pre-orders are being taken now. Chemical Analysis will be available in October prior to shipping.

August 4, 2016: Harvesting Begins!
Freshly, hand-picked Amalia Hops are quickly separated from the vines, dried, digitally weighed, air dried at 72 degrees or less to maintain the integrity of the essential oils then vacuum packed.

July 10, 2016: The 2016 crop is well on its way and looks to be a record harvest!

August 20, 2015: Freshly picked Amalia Hops are quickly separated from the vines, dried, digitally weighed and vacuum packed.

August 10, 2015: Amalia Hops growing at the Last Resort Ranch, mature and ready to pick!

July 15, 2015: The tiny ones are this year’s transplants. The big ones are last year’s transplants. They grow much quicker than the European varieties. Check out lab results from last year’s harvest here!


May 4, 2015: 

Amalia Hops makes the
Santa Fe New Mexican
front page news!


September 21, 2014: Click here to view the results of our 2014 Chemical Analysis

August 28, 2014: Harvesting mature hops from two of the Amalia ranches.


July 29, 2014: Hop vines approaching 8′ now and showing nearly mature hops.


June 25, 2014: The west and north hop yards with young vine-climbs. The east hop yard construction is nearing completion.

May 29, 2014: 98 vines have been moved from three different locations to the hopsyard. We still have to move between 400 and 500 vines from 15 different locations.


Spring-Summer, 2014: Separating, identifying and cataloging nearly 500 vines from our various ranches in Amalia, New Mexico. After harvest we will be making small batch brews to determine the brewing characteristics of each vine. Samples from the vines with the best brewing characteristics will then be sent out for chemical analysis.

April 10, 2014: Amalia Hops makes its debut at the Craft Brewers Conference & Brew Expo America in Denver, CO with a meet and greet, hand-out of Amalia Hops samples and takes numbers!

Keep an eye on us by checking back here frequently. Please contact us if you’d like to participate in our studies.

While others are offering limited local Neomexicanus strains for sale, those hops have been relocated from their native environment and grown in a foreign region.

If it’s not grown in Amalia, it’s not Amalia Hops!