Welcome to Amalia Hops!

We’re located in Amalia, New Mexico – where Neomexicanus is now being cataloged and identified on the Ranch.

almostheavenCarson’s Brewery in Evansville Indiana, Winners of GABF Gold and Bronze medals and World Beer cup Silver, have brewed a divine Session India Pale Ale named “Almost Heaven”. Enter the Eden of Amalia hops. Indigenous Neo-Mexicanus hops meet a crisp malt profile transporting you to Almost Heaven. The aroma of a warm summer day. Flavors of a tropical sunrise. Energizing as a winter thunderstorm. Drink the nectar of Amalia Hops and dance eternal. Now available at all Liquor Locker locations in and around Evansville Indiana.

Taos Mesa Brewing in Taos, New Mexico has been using the hops from our ranch for nearly one year now and have brewed two amazing ales, Cross Eyed Ale and Ceilidh’s Cold Gold, using hops harvested from 11 different vines growing on our property.

This year we have 1, 2, 3 and 4 year old vines on the property and are experiencing an abundant harvest from more than 400 vines. After harvest we will hold out enough from each vine to make small batch brews to determine the brewing characteristics of the individual vines. The remaining harvest will be blended and sold. Very limited quantities will be available.

We continue to separate and collect vines from many different locations. This year we expect delivery of our DNA lab to arrive in November 2016 at which time we will begin to analyze each vine for the purpose of precise identification.

Our soil is volcanic/riverbed. We are at elevation 8,146 feet at latitude 36.942. Our growing season is a scant 4 months, so these vines really pack a wallop into a very short growth window of opportunity. We are in what is considered to be High Altitude Desert.

Bourbon is only from Bourbon, Kentucky;
Champagne is only from Champagne, France;
and Amalia Hops are only from Amalia, NM!